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LIN offers a real time contact management and unified communications solution for sports clubs, stadiums and academies to achieve their goals of excellent membership service and steep business growth. It helps sports businesses reach out to new customers, establish connection with their repeat customers and communicate with them using LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS).

On LIN, all the members can keep their contact details updated through web and mobile and thus the member directory is always kept updated without any effort from the club admin. And the same can be used for effective communication using different means available on LIN. Additionally, LIN can also be used for bulk messaging to run marketing campaigns to increase sales.

LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) is an innovative digital messaging service that is built on top of the LIN contact management system and is used for sending digital messages including email, text messages, voice messages, video messages and in-app alerts and notification messages to customers, all from a single platform. What makes LIN SMS different from other vanilla sms services in the market is the built in intelligence to flag out inactive/DND numbers to save cost and powerful analytics to measure the success of the sms campaign.

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LIN is a secure system on cloud that any sports club can on-board and start using its SMS instantly as an ongoing monthly subscription without worrying about long technology development times, high investment in hardware/software and ongoing maintenance. LIN comes with a user friendly admin module on web that club administrators can use with little training and is also complemented with an easy to use mobile app for support staff and members. Not only it adds convenience to people and increase sales but also helps sports club and academies to further reduce their cost of messaging as in-app notification messages come FREE within the LIN4Me app.

LIN is a ready to use cost effective solution for sports clubs that can justify its own business case to save cost, increase revenue and enhance membership service.

With high rate of successful acceptance and read receipt by mobile users, LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) is an opportunity that no one in the sports industry, be it a small boxing trainer or an established tennis coach in the local neighbourhood or a big football sports club or a cricket stadium in the in the city, can afford to miss.

LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) enhancing member satisfaction
Here are some of the ways sports clubs, academies, stadiums and grounds focussed on quality of service can use LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) for enhancing member satisfaction and grow their business.

Offer member loyalty and retain long term membership
Maintaining records of club members and their contact information in the notebook register or excel spreadsheet is a tedious task. It becomes pertinent to keep the contact details of the members updated at all times and engage with them effectively on regular basis. And what better than an online self-service member directory and mobile messages by LIN.

Keeping the contact details of members updated at all times on LIN and on-going communication to them using mobile messages brings a feeling of loyalty towards the club and helps maintain a long term association. Not only sports clubs can reward loyalty of their members with special loyalty discounts and offers to bring in new referral members through mobile messages but also share latest news with the members and build a long term relationship.

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Enhance convenience and bring personalisation for members
Mobile messages when used appropriately, can increase the level of member satisfaction and enhance brand image of the sports club as an entity that is tech savvy and is in tune with the times. Some of the cases where clubs can utilise value from LIN’s mobile communication are listed below

  • Membership confirmation to members when they join the club
  • Status text on the special training and sports events organised by the club
  • Reminder texts for the court/ground bookings and fee payment
  • Quick messages with geo location links to navigate to the event venue
  • Thank you voice message and events pics post participation in events
  • SMS driven survey to get feedback and improve member service
  • Announce match results and even run special contest to members

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Share promotional offers and deals to new members
Customers are always happy to get a good deal. And what better than getting it short and sweet on their handheld device. Sports clubs and academies can use mobile messages to market club merchandise, ticket discounts and run promotional campaigns for memberships to bring in more members to the club and increase their membership numbers.

Club administrators can also use LIN’s geo-location technology along with people profiling to create more targeted mobile messaging marketing campaigns around an area where they expect to get their maximum enrolments. A beautiful text beep on the mobile with an exclusive offer with big savings on membership can charm the customers and bring in revenues for the business.

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