Rich Communication Services

Rich Communication Services

Lets create the magic in customer interaction for your brand using RCS.

Rich communication services (RCS) is the next big thing in customer interaction using mobile messaging. It is a new and interactive form of text messaging that is going to change the way businesses interact with their customers and other stakeholders. RCS will offer the reach and reliability of traditional SMS – but with far richer communication capabilities.

RCS - Rich Communication Services is a communication protocol for businesses operated between mobile operators (MNOs) and mobile manufactures, aiming at replace SMS messages with a sophisticated messaging system that is richer and provides engagement opportunity with the customers. With RCS, customers will enjoy a very similar experience to using messaging mobile apps, packed with great features and visuals. RCS messages are delivered to the SMS inbox and that means users can avoid the hassle of downloading another messaging or business app to get the information they need.

RCS is an end-to-end communication platform powered by Google with universal common specs laid down by GSMA to be supported across mobile providers, mobile phones, aggregators and geographies. RCS ensures authentication of the sender brand and the receiver mobile number and as all messages are encrypted, security is at its core. RCS provides a huge opportunity for enterprises and their brands. Brands that embrace it will be in a better position than ever to provide empathetic interactions with customers in the most used feature on phones – their mobile messaging inbox. Mobile operators are rapidly turning to RCS and this is an innovation avenue that businesses cannot overlook. With the backing of the GSMA, Samsung and Google, it won’t be long before RCS is universally available and adopted. Enterprises that have an automated A2P text messaging system already in place will be ready to take quick advantage of the same and others will have the option to join the bandwagon easily as well.

We at LIN are working to offer this new RCS capability to our customers. LIN is part of Google’s Early Access Programme for RCS and investing to bring this cutting edge technology to our customers. If you want to learn more and how you can adopt RCS to enhance your brand and increase revenue realisation, please contact the LIN team or reach Anurag at