Thank you everyone for a wonderful 2017

December 30, 2017

2017 was a successful year for LIN and we made great strides to take our business to market in India and the UK.

We like to thank all our customers, partners and associates for all the support and encouragement in 2017 and look forward to the new year.

LIN Team participated and presented at SETSquared, Basingstoke

December 20, 2017

LIN Team participated for a 2 days workshop at SETSquared, Basingstoke on 7th and 8th December, 2017.
We also got an opportunity to interact with other start-ups and present LIN to an esteemed audience of investors.
We are very happy to get such a positive feedback and support for our venture from SETSquared and glad to be part of SETSquared Alumni now.

LIN is now active on all social platforms

November 27, 2017

We are proud to bring back social sensitivity and update our presence on all dominant social channels including facebook, linkedin, google+ and twitter.
We understand the significance of reaching out to our audience and are making all efforts to broadcast our progress on important social channels.
It will also provide a mechanism to our customers and partners to contact us back through any channel of their choice, thus providing a cohesive omni channel experience.

Check us out on has now got a new look

November 11, 2017

Check out our new and rejuvenated website The new website provides a stunning user experience and updated content for our visitors.
The new website also provides details on LIN industry solutions and service offerings for business customers and is mobile friendly.
The new website demonstrates our journey in the last one year and establishes our vision to become the ‘Contact management and Communications platform’ of choice for SME business.

Check out our new website at

Aadoo is happy to announce partnership with K-edge Solutions for marketing LIN in Ahmedabad and other parts of western India

October 30, 2017

Aadoo has entered into a strategic partnership with K-edge Solutions for marketing LIN in parts of western India.

K-edge ( is a leading provider of software solutions to education institutes and SME business in India.
K-edge will be starting with the marketing of LIN product suite in Ahmedabad and later expand to other parts of Gujrat and Maharashtra.
As part of the strategic tie up, Aadoo and K-edge will also explore other areas of collaboration to integrate and implement LIN with other industry software packages.

Check your LIN balance online

October 17, 2017

LIN customers can now check their balance of mobile text messages and voice messages online though Balance Check self service from within their LIN workspace.

On request from our repeat customers, we have now enabled Balance Check self service from within the LIN admin workspace. You can now instantly see your quota of sms and voice message, check the usage and get alerted if the available balance is falling very low. It will help you proactively top up your LIN account and avoid any upsets of service unavailability due to finished limits.

To check your balance, Sign In to your LIN account and click the icon on top right menu.

Support is reactive but engagement is proactive

September 25, 2017

In our endeavour to keep enhancing our engagement with our customers and help them get the best value from usage of LIN, we have introduced Proactive Engagement as one of the stepping stones of our customer support model. As part of our support operations, we now have dedicated analysts working on analysing customer usage patterns of LIN contact and communications management. The analysts will understand the gaps in the usage and advise the customers proactively on how best to exploit the software for their business. This will eventually lead to better customer experience and engagement with LIN.

To know more about Proactive Engagement or get help from our support, write to

Mobile in-app notifications got richer with Images and it's FREE

September 04, 2017

As part of our continuous innovation, we have now introduced the capability to share images and picture files through Mobile in-app notifications. Currently the capability is available to a selected customers only on web but shortly will be rolled out to all customers and mobile users.

Image notification provides a very powerful capability to business to communicate with their customers not just through text notifications but also have a visual impact. Business can now use creatives or branded messages to reach out discretely to their customers. Also, as its secured, they can be rest assured of delivery and reach to target audience. And the best news is that it is all FREE to existing customers and new customers.

If you are interested to try out the new Image Notification capability, please drop us an email at and we would be happy to get you onboarded for this new capability.

LIN support helpdesk is now available at

August 15, 2017

Wishing India and Indians a very Happy Independence Day.

On this auspicious day, we are happy to introduce a dedicated customer support helpdesk for LIN customers. Now any customer can reach out to for any technical or functional support. The helpdesk will be available Mon to Saturday 9AM to 6 PM IST.

We wish all our customers a happy engagement with LIN and see this as a major milestone towards our commitment to quality customer service.

For future support issues or any other request, you can reach out to

Grow your sports club and get active with LIN

July 21, 2017

LIN launches its Early Adopter Programme (EAP) for adapting and adopting LIN for the Sports Industry. Sports clubs, academies, stadiums and grounds focussed on quality of service can use LIN's contact management and mobile messaging for enhancing member satisfaction and grow their business.

Keeping the contact details of members updated at all times and on-going engagement with them using digital communication on LIN will bring a feeling of loyalty towards the club and will help maintain a long term association. It will also increase the level of member satisfaction and enhance the brand image of the sports club. Not just that, sports clubs and academies can also use LIN messaging to market club merchandise, ticket discounts and run promotional campaigns for memberships to bring in more members to the club and increase their membership numbers.

For details on LIN's solution for the sports industry, click here or contact us

LIN Events get more intuitive for event managers

July 10, 2017

With high interest from the market, we are happy to upgrade LIN Events user experience and management journey. The process and UX for LIN Events has now been totally revamped it to make it more user friendly and intuitive to suit needs of event managers.

The capability on LIN has been updated to streamline the user journey to create and manage events for event managers. Information integrity has also been enhanced with logical business rules to ensure correctness and accuracy of data input. In addition, events on LIN can now be integrated with any external website and event pages created by organisations to provide a seamless connectivity and user experience to all visitors.

For further details on LIN events, contact us

Helping dealerships and retailers increase their business using LIN

June 26, 2017

We are now out with our new solution offering on LIN for dealers and retailers. With mobile communication becoming the key to engage with customers, LIN is now offering a ready to use contact management and messaging solution for dealerships to grow their sales.

Using LIN mobile messaging, dealers and retailers can now communicate to customers to market offers, discounts and run promotional campaigns to increase their sales through faster clearing of stocks. Dealers can store contact details of their customers on LIN and encourage loyalty by providing rewards to their returning customers and gain benefits from their long term association.

For details on LIN's solution for dealers and retailers, click here or contact us

Helping hotels reach out and service customers better using LIN

June 03, 2017

LIN now offers an innovative, easy to use and cost effective digital marketing solution for hospitality industry. Using LIN's mobile messaging service, hotel's back office can now service their customers better, run promotional campaigns and reward loyalty. All this will ensure high occupancy rates and higher revenue for the hotel owners.

Communication is the key for hotels to build relationship with their customers. And the best way to communicate is through hand held mobile device using quick and simple mobile messages. With acceptance rates of more than 97%, LIN mobile messages are an instant solution for hotels. Be it to improve the level of personalised customer service or to share promotional offers to increase advance bookings, LIN mobile messages (sms/text, voice, video, in-app notifications and alerts) are ready to use tools for hotels to increase their sales and guarantee customer service.

For details on LIN's solution for the hotels, click here or contact us

Check stale quotient of your contact data and strategise to refresh it with LIN

May 15, 2017

Aadoo now introduces its unique Contact Verification offering as a service that will help in verifying the Stale Quotient of contact data that resides in organisation's customer databases.

Be it employee data, member data, customer data or partner data – we can get the email, phone number and contact address verified for all types of stakeholders for any organization at reasonable costs and timelines. What you get in return is a real picture of correctness and accuracy of your data. We can import your old contact databases, run the verification service and return with detailed results that are understood by data administrators and user friendly reports for management personnel.

To get further information on our Contact Verification Service, click here or contact us

A click on time can save a life - bringing you LIN emergency service

May 03, 2017

Preparing for eventualities can help improve the reaction when the emergency actually occurs. An instant communication from LIN to all the connections using sms, voice and alerts can save a life in the event of an emergency.

On LIN, we have now provisioned an emergency service that can reach all your contacts instantly through all modes of communication and get you quick help in the hour of need. We advise all our customers to discretely use this service only in case of a real emergency.

To learn about LIN emergency service, contact us

Stamp your brand on your email using LIN email templates

April 20, 2017

LIN introduces creation of personalised branded templates that can be used for customer communication.

Gone are the days of sending corporate emails without the corporate brand entity. It’s time when personalisation helps establish a brand in the minds of the customer and we at LIN help you achieve that through creation of email templates that reflect your branding. You can easily select your corporate brand template and send repeated customer communications. This will not only help to establish the corporate brand but will increase the email acceptance rate by the receivers.

To get your personalised email template, get in touch with our support helpdesk at

Check real time analytics on LIN to understand your data for better decision making

April 11, 2017

Decision making just got better with LIN's real time analytics and reporting dashboard. You can now see real time statistics of your communications campaigns from within your LIN workspace.

No need to wait for technical reports or go wild with your imagination to find out what happened to your communication campaign. Just click and check the real time analytics blocks within your LIN workspace to find out how did your campaign faired. Based on the information, you can decide whether your campaign was effective. If you want to go to granular details, you can download the detailed reports and further analyse the root cause and take remediate action for the next campaign. Not just this enables decision making on the intent and content of the campaign but also helps rationalise the costs for subsequent campaigns.

To learn more about analytics on LIN, login to your workspace or contact us

Mobile messaging just got intelligent with LIN Smart Messaging Service

March 24, 2017

LIN introduces Smart Messaging Service for sending mobile text messages to mass audience. What makes it different from other vanilla sms services in the market is the built in intelligence to flag out inactive and DND numbers and powerful analytics to measure the success of the sms campaign.

LIN Smart Messaging Service provides huge savings to businesses using bulk messaging to market their products and servies to customers. It filters out inactive and DND mobile numbers before sending the message, thereby increasing the throughput without increasing the cost. LIN also provides powerful analytics for the campaign to confirm the reach and response for each and every mobile number it has been sent to. Thus providing the intelligence to the business to improvise based on the learning and get smarter the way they handle their communication with their customers.

For details on LIN Smart Messaging Service, contact us

Save money and reach out to your contacts with LIN alerts and in app notifications

March 06, 2017

LIN takes communications to the next level by providing alerts and in app notifications to business. Organisations can now use LIN and send alerts and app notifications using LIN mobile app.

LIN alerts and notifications can help businesses save money they spend on mobile text messages. LIN alerts and notifications are available as free value add service to LIN business and ensure delivery and reach to subscribers.

For details on LIN alerts and notifications service, contact us

You can now record voice messages and distribute the same to your contacts using LIN

February 20, 2017

LIN continues to innovate and add more value added services to its platform. LIN voice message service brings in ease of recording a voice message and proliferating to either masses or targeted audience.

LIN voice message service comes with added advantage of efficient analytics that can provide important insights on the communication delivery and effective reach.

For details on our value add voice message service, contact us

Aadoo is happy to announce strategic partnership for sales and distribution of LIN with KEVELL CORP

February 01, 2017

Aadoo is happy to announce strategic partnership with KEVELL CORP for sales, distribution and implementation of LIN in India. This partnership marks a positive start for an era to come to get LIN to customers and provide them with business benefits.

KEVELL CORP is a leading IT development and sales organisation focussed on providing efficient and modern solutions to deliver business benefits. It provides consultancy that helps organisations transform IT processes and infrastructures into strategic advantage.

For more details on KEVELL CORP, click here

Little Voice, UK pre school adopts LIN for communicating with parents in real time

January 16, 2017

Proud to announce Little Voice pre school, based in Ruislip, UK as the first customer for the year 2017 to start using LIN contact management platform and communication services to reach out to students and their parents.

Little voices pre-school has been running from last 20 years plus. They care for children from age of 2 to 5 in the safe, happy environment. They give children the perfect start before their full-time education.

Little voices has adopted LIN Education Connect solution to engage with the parents for day to day communications.

To learn more about LIN Education Connect solution, click here

LIN enables effective communication using SMS

January 09, 2017

The start of the year 2017 is marked with LIN now offering advanced SMS service to business organisations to reach out to their prospects and customers. Businesses can now select a target group of their contacts to communicate with them using mobile texts across the world.

Business can save money by filtering out unwanted subscribers and be more effective in their SMS campaigns using insights from LIN analytics.

For details on our Smart Messaging Service, contact us