LIN for Business

LIN for business

LIN is an innovative digital platform for organisations to conveniently manage their contacts and actively engage with them using mobile app and web. It is a unified platform for business for contact management, communications and real time engagement with their stakeholders.

LIN provides an opportunity to businesses to establish continuous association with all their stakeholders including customers, employees, partners and shareholders. LIN on one side enhances an organisation’s potential for increasing revenue through customer engagement and on the other provides a mechanism for reducing cost of operations through automation and self-service.

LIN breaks away from the age old tradition of maintaining contact information as passive records in databases by the receiver of the data. Using LIN, organisations empower their stakeholders to become custodians of their own contact information and keep it updated at all times on LIN. Whenever the owner changes the contact details, the organisation is notified of the change to update their records and take appropriate actions based on the relationship with the contact.

LIN further strengthens the relationship of the businesses with their contacts by providing them with capabilities to communicate, interact and engage in real time. LIN provides powerful capabilities including bulk email, bulk sms, voice and video messaging and in-app mobile notifications to business to communicate with their contacts, all from a single unified platform. Not only LIN allows business administrators to execute campaigns for revenue generation, it also provides instant performance metrics and reports to measure the success of those initiatives in real time.

Benefits of LIN

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LIN provides multiple benefits to all types of organisations, businesses and communities to connect, communicate and interact with their contacts. Some of them are as follows:

  • Efficient self-service to maintain updated contact details of stakeholders
  • Effective communication with contacts using mass mailing, sms, voice messages, video messages and in-app notifications and alerts
  • Real engagement and lifelong connection through LIN events and information boards
  • Intelligent analytics to understand stakeholder response to communication
  • Rapid roll out, easy personalisation, no investment in hardware or software
  • Flexible opex based engagement model providing software as a service

Types of business who can use LIN
LIN can be used by different organisations, businesses and communities for multiple purposes and for solving different business problems. LIN can be used by:

  • Education institutes for parent communication and alumni engagement
  • Small retail businesses for effective email and sms marketing campaigns for customers
  • Communities, associations, social and sports clubs to register their members and engage with them for different events
  • Workplace & industrial facilities for safety incident alerts on mobile for employees
  • Hospitals to instantly request blood donation in a particular geographic perimeter
  • Hotels and restaurants for running sms campaigns for repeat customers
  • Financial institutions to calculate and reduce stale quotient of their contact data
  • Housing societies to manage member association and meeting notifications
  • and many more....
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Capabilities provided by LIN
LIN provides a rich set of capabilities on the web for organisations to manage their contacts, communicate and engage with them. These capabilities include:

• Private and Public profiles for business
• Administrator workspace on web with full view of contacts
• Bulk on-boarding of older data and registration
• Search and filters for data selection and export to excel
• Engagement through creation and management of events
• Email, SMS notifications and mobile alerts to all / selected stakeholders
• Powerful analytics and dashboard to measure success of communication