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LIN offers a real time contact management and unified communications solution for hotels to achieve their goals of excellent customer service and steep business growth. It helps hotels reach out to new customers, establish connection with their repeat customers and communicate with them using LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS). On LIN, all the connections can keep their contact details updated and the same can be used for effective communication. Additionally, contacts can be added in bulk to LIN, without the need for any registration and can be sent promotional and marketing offers at frequent intervals to increase occupancy rates.

LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) is an innovative digital messaging service that is built on top of the LIN contact management system and is used for sending mobile messages including text messages, voice messages, video messages and in-app alerts and notification messages to customers, all from a single platform. What makes LIN SMS different from other vanilla sms services in the market is the built in intelligence to flag out inactive/DND numbers to save cost and powerful analytics to measure the success of the sms campaign.

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LIN is a secure system on cloud that any hotel can on-board and start using its Smart Messaging Service instantly as an ongoing monthly subscription on web and mobile without worrying about long technology development times, high investment in hardware/software and ongoing maintenance. LIN comes with a user friendly admin module on web that hotel administrators and front desk staff can use with little training and is also complemented with an easy to use mobile app for floor managers, receptionists, support staff and even customers. Not only it adds convenience to people and generates revenues but also helps the hotels to further reduce their cost of messaging as in-app notification messages come FREE within the LIN4Me app.

LIN is a ready to use cost effective solution for hospitality industry that can justify its own business case to save cost, increase revenue and enhance customer service.

LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) enhancing customer satisfaction
Here are some of the ways hotels focussed on quality of service can use LIN Smart Messaging Service (SMS) for enhancing customer satisfaction and grow their business.

Enhance convenience and bring personalisation for guests
Mobile messages when used appropriately, can increase the level of customer satisfaction and enhance brand image of the hotel as an entity that is tech savvy and is in tune with the times. Some of the cases where hotels can utilise value from sms are listed below.

  • Text confirmation and thanks to guests when they make a booking
  • Welcome text at time of arrival/check in with helpful information on room number, security code, payment confirmation, check-out timings etc.
  • Send Wi-Fi details to customers to connect to internet
  • Reminder texts to guests of their table reservation or breakfast timings
  • Exciting offers to guests to extend stay or book another stay
  • Thank you voice message at check-out to demonstrate the custom and personal care
  • Send an SMS survey the day after guests leave to get feedback and improve service

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Share promotional offers and deals to new customers
Customers are always happy to get a good deal. And what better than getting it short and sweet on their handheld device. Hotels and restaurants can use LIN mobile messages to market offers, discounts and run promotional campaigns to bring in more guests and increase their occupancy rates.

Hotels and restaurants can also use LIN’s geo-location technology along with customer profiling to create more targeted SMS marketing campaigns around an area where they expect to get their maximum customer base. It could be an airport for hotels around it or the locality to attract the walk-in customers to the restaurant. Whatever it could be, a beautiful text beep on the mobile with an exclusive offer for a dinner date combined with a night’s stay can do the charm and bring in customers and revenues for the hotel business.

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Offer loyalty rewards and ensure repeat business
Returning customers are what any hotel wishes for. To get that hotels need to keep in touch with their regular guests in the long-run so they come back. A good way to get repeat customers to enjoy stay at your hotel is to reward them for being loyal and enhance brand loyalty. Sending a promotional offer on mobile for a discounted stay on their birthday and new year or offering extras and upgrades in exchange of loyalty points or even referral bonus can be few ways to tempt your customers to come again and again to your hotel. And all this is possible with just a short mobile message from LIN i.e. enticing enough to instigate customers’ interests and make them your repeat customers.

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