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LIN is a real-time contact management and unified communications platform for healthcare providers to achieve their goals of outstanding patient care and steep business growth. It helps hospitals establish connection with their patients, doctors, nurses and support staff and communicate with them using LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS). On LIN, all the connections can keep their contact details updated and the same can be used for effective communication.

LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) is an innovative digital messaging service that is built on top of the LIN contact management system and is used for sending mobile messages including text messages, voice messages, video messages and in app notification messages to the contacts. It can also be used to send mass messages even to prospective customers and patients who are not registered on the LIN application. What makes LIN SMS different from other vanilla sms services in the market is the built-in intelligence to flag out inactive/DND numbers to save cost and powerful analytics to measure the success of the SMS campaign.

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LIN is a secure system on cloud that any healthcare provider can on-board and start using its Smart Messaging Service instantly as an ongoing monthly subscription without worrying about long technology development times, high investment in hardware/software and ongoing maintenance. LIN comes with a user friendly admin module on web that medical officers can use with little training and is also complemented with an easy to use mobile app for doctors, nurses, support staff and even patients. Not only it adds convenience to patients in times of need but also helps the hospitals to further reduce their cost of messaging as in app notification messages come free within the app.

LIN is a ready to use cost effective solution for healthcare providers that can justify its own business case to save cost, increase revenue and enhance patient care. With high rate of successful acceptance and read receipt by customers, LIN Smart Messaging Service (SMS) is an opportunity that no healthcare provider, be it small clinic in the local neighbourhood or a nursing home in the town or a big hospital in the city can afford to miss.

LIN’s Smart Messaging Service (SMS) enhancing patient satisfaction
Here are some of the ways healthcare providers focussed on patient care can use LIN Smart Messaging Service (SMS) for enhancing customer satisfaction and grow their business.

Bring personalisation for patients and enhance convenience for carers
There are so many ways a healthcare provider can use mobile message to service its patients and family carers better. If used appropriately, personalised mobile messages can increase the level of patient satisfaction and enhance brand image of the hospital as an entity that is tech savvy and is in tune with the times. Some of the cases where healthcare providers can utilise value from mobile messages both internally and externally are listed below.

Internal to doctors, nurses and support staff
  • Information about duty shifts for doctors, nurses and support staff.
  • Instant mobile alerts for emergency needs.
  • Notification of incidents or warnings.
  • Communication with suppliers for medical equipment.
  • Messages to blood banks and donors for blood donation.

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External to patients and carers
  • Reminders, confirmations, changes or cancellations of medical appointments and reduce waiting times.
  • Notification to collect medical analysis or tests.
  • Notification to collect medicine orders.
  • Communication from physician to patient.
  • Regular reminders of medication intake.
  • Assessment and feedback of the service offered.
  • Inform daily progress of the patient to family and carers.
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Share promotional offers for health checks to customers
Over and above patient care, even healthy people are keen to keep themselves fit and want to get regularly checked. These health-conscious customers are always happy to get a good deal for regular medical check-ups. And what better than getting it as a short and sweet message on their handheld device. Healthcare providers can use mobile messages to market offers, discounts and run promotional campaigns.

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