Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is LIN and LIN4Me?
How many types of LIN are there?
What is the difference between Private LIN and Public LIN?
How do I create my LIN?
Why I should use LIN?
Can I change my address for LIN?
Can I use LIN for navigation?
Can I share LIN with my friends?
Can I invite my friends to LIN?
Is LIN4Me app available on various platforms?
I have forgotten my password for LIN4Me app, what should I do?
How I can share my LIN details with other LIN members?
Can LIN give me an option of default address/coordinates based on my current location at the time of registration (if my address is blank)?
Why do I need to add my birthdate?
Who will be able to see my address details?
How will you use my address details?
How can I unshare my details with a connection?
Which country is LIN4Me available?
I don't want my LIN to be visible to everyone?
Can I create multiple LIN?
What if I did not receive mobile number verification code?
I am unable to upload my profile image?
Is the website mobile friendly?