Contact Verification Services

Contact Verification Service

The usefulness of any contact management system is determined by the quality and completeness of data that resides in the system. A highly scalable, secure and best of the breed contact management application is of no use if the contact details are not accurate and up to date. And over a period of time all organisations struggle to maintain the data quality in their contact management systems. Businesses deploy huge machinery and manpower and incur huge costs to keep their contact databases updated but still fail to achieve desired results.

In addition to LIN as a real time contact management platform, we offer contact verification as a service that will help in verifying the stale quotient of your data. Be it employee data, alumni data, customers data or business partners data – we can get the email, phone number and contact address verified for all type of connections for any organization at reasonable costs and timelines.

We can import your old contact databases and can run the verification service with best mix of technology and human resources and once the details are verified, the connections can be on-boarded on the LIN platform as updated contacts. To help you track the progress of contact verification, we provide a range of analytics reports and status dashboard that will define the accuracy of your contacts.

For some organizations, we also offer the services to enrich the quality of the data through social media analysis. If you are interested in any of the services above, please contact us for further discussions.