Communities - Build a true community with real engagement using LIN

LIN is an innovative digital platform for communities to conveniently manage their contacts and actively engage with them using mobile app and web. It is a unified platform for communities for contact management, communications and real time engagement with their stakeholders.

LIN Communities Connect is niche solution on web, built on the LIN platform, for communities, social organisations, clubs, forums, societies and associations to maintain and keep updated contact details (including email, mobile phone and addresses) of their trustees and members. It is a self-healing contact management platform designed to free association’s valuable resources to upkeep their member directory even when the members change their contact details.

LIN provides omni channel capabilities to community administrators to connect, communicate and interact with their wide spread members in real time and reap benefits of a strong member network. Using LIN you can reach out to your members through emails, sms, notification, events and social media all from the same platform.

LIN extends the reach and connection of the association in the hands of the member through the LIN4Me mobile app. Organisation’s personalised profile is visible to the member when he logs into the app and that gives him the mechanism to stay connected with his association. He can keep his contact details updated on LIN4Me app and they are always reflected correct and complete to the association. The member can also search for other members on LIN and establish long lasting connections with them. The member can now receive real time information and notifications about different events that his community forum is organising and even contribute back to them through active participation.

Benefits of LIN Community Connect

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LIN Communities Connect helps communities to strengthen their relationships with their members, reduce their operational costs for maintaining their association programmes and reap multiple following benefits from their strong networking.

  • Efficient way of maintaining online member directory with updated contact details
  • Real engagement and lifelong connection with trustees and members on mobile
  • Effective communication with members using mass mailing, sms, voice messages, video messages and notifications
  • Ease of organising networking events and upfront event registration
  • Conveniently reach to wide spread members through social media interface
  • Analytics to tap professional networking for mutual business benefits
  • Rapid roll out, easy personalisation, no investment in hardware or software
  • Flexible opex based engagement model providing software as a service

In addition to multiple benefits to the community’s board, LIN also provides a lot of value add features to individual members. Members can use LIN as their new self-maintained phone book, search and connect with other members, navigate to and communicate with other contacts and use LIN as their digital business card. Not only a member can use LIN4Me mobile app to connect to just one of his associated organisation but to all that he is part of through a single LIN interface. For a member, LIN strengthens the feeling of association and keeps him bonded to his organisation for years to come and wherever life takes him.

Capabilities provided by LIN
LIN provides a rich set of capabilities for communities to manage their members, communicate and engage with them. These capabilities include:

  • Special admin workspace on web with full view of member contacts
  • Bulk on-boarding of older member data and registration
  • Search and filters for data selection and export to excel
  • Powerful analytics and dashboard to measure success of communication

  • Workflow to capture additional information from members
  • Engagement through creation and management of social and professional events
  • Email and SMS notifications to all / selected members and new invitees
  • Mobile app for members with self-service to update their contact information
  • Personalised digital business cards for trustees and board members
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